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Favorite Posts, Heart to Hearts, Pep Talk Tuesdays, The Year of Peace How to Be An Imperfectionist

One thing I’ve learned about myself, especially so throughout this year as I’ve faced multiple big professional and personal transitions, is despite my best efforts I still struggle […]

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Motherhood, Pep Talk Tuesdays, The Joyful Conductor Not Now Doesn’t Mean Never Again

I have this vivid vision, sometimes more than a few times in one week. It’s of me standing in a nondescript hallway with one door to my left […]

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Goal Setting, Pep Talk Tuesdays, The Joyful Conductor The Joyful Conductor of Our Lifegiving Home

One of my 2018 goals, actually the very first and most important one of them all, is to be The Joyful Conductor of Our Unique Lifegiving Home. That’s […]

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