Here on the blog though, you’ll find a lot of the in between! I write candid thoughts on my motherhood experience, what legacy means in our family, how our home bridges both form and function, and what it means to be both imperfect and content all at the same time (I’m a recovering perfectionist). You’ll also find hands-on projects, recipes, business advice, and glimpses of our always changing home peppered throughout. I’ve been blogging since Valentine’s Day of 2009 and have found this adventure to bring only great joy and opportunity.

I’m originally from a city outside of Toronto, Canada but now call West Michigan home. I married my college sweetheart in September of 2010 and our wedding day was the catalyst for much of my decade-long career thus far. We have two sweet and curious sons who are nothing alike but everything the same, and an adorable rescue dog who somehow keeps up with the noise around here. There are piles of LEGOS that permeate every nook of our home but also a lot of thought that makes our space inviting and intentional. We dream of living in Seaside, Florida but for now choose to believe that even the coldest of winters bring the most hopeful of springs.

I’m happy you’re here! Please reach out to say hello or visit my contact form for more.