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The RB Soap Co. Summer 2024 Preview

I think with third quarter just around the corner now (!), and the now-that-I’m-writing-it-down shock that the last RB Soap Co. launch was December of 2023 – yes, indeed, that WAS technically last year! – next week’s summer launch may come across as either a surprise or much anticipated relief to my customers (maybe it comes as both). But I’m a big proponent that with time comes great things so consider next Tuesday’s summer 2024 launch simply an extra big labor of love and one worth waiting for.

As all of my pre-launch preview posts go, this one is full of beautiful images showcasing the products that are stocked and ready for next week. The launch is scheduled for 12:00 pm EST on Tuesday, May 28th and given the capsule-type model of business I operate, I suspect certain items will sell out fast. I always suggest being ready within the shop around 11:55 am EST and hitting refresh a few times down to the wire. Once the shop opens for business everything listed is fair game.

You’ll see in the images and commentary below that many familiar products and soap bar varieties are back. You’ll also see that this launch will include our beloved Bath Truffles, a customer favorite and product only brought back because I was able to invest in the ethically sourced version of one key ingredient. Paired together with a couple new soap varieties, the most darling Petite Rosette gift boxes, and two new soap dish options that alone should entice you to switch to cold process soap bars, I feel really good about what this launch offers to customers.

To past customers, current customers, ones who have been shopping since 2018, my supportive neighbors who always inquire about what in-between-launch soaps might be sitting in my home needing a new place to go, and future customers who decide to take a chance on trying my products, I’m really grateful for you all. Thank you for shopping small, for finding as much joy in a handcrafted good-for-you product as I do, and for being so generous and kind.

Let’s jump into the details now!

Bee Soaps will be in attendance again for this launch! Perfectly sized to fit snug in your hand and almost too adorable to use, Bee Soaps are one of our favorite products. Each soap is a little over 1.5 ounces and comes individually wrapped in patterned tissue paper with an ingredients label fastened on the top. Because Bee Soaps are made with soap batter from production of our larger loaves, the soap scents and colors are similar to the full bars we sell. We cannot guarantee what variety of Bee Soaps you will get but guarantee you’ll think they are as sweet as we do! Each is priced at $3.75.

And if you’re a fan of sweetly shaped soaps like Bee Soaps then you’ll adore this limited-edition Petite Rosettes box featuring four floral shaped hand and body soaps. In each box is an Empress rosette, Florist Soap rosette, Pink Petals rosette, and a Marigold rosette. A branded band is wrapped around each box with the soap varieties and ingredients list on the back. The boxes are being offered in limited quantities for this launch and retail for $30.00 each. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift to inspire self-care or you simply want to enjoy four favorite RB Soap Co. soap varieties in, this box is sure to delight.

And now we move on to preview the summer 2024 soap bars. They really are quite beautiful!

There are six soap varieties launching in this collection and each bar checks off a certain criteria, that to me, is reflective of a robust inventory. From fan favorites like Seaside and Marigold, to two new bars called Minted Rose and Fleur, it’s a small but mighty line up with something for everyone. May I suggest buying one of each to find your new favorite? All of the bars together in formation is really something to see with soft colors and subtle but soothing aromas made possible by nature.

I’ve said this in past blog posts but I stand true to my word! If I had to only ever make and use one type of soap from here forward it would be Florist Soap. I love the grittiness of the ground up walnut shells, the creamy white hue of the soap, the slight pop of color on the top thanks to the dried botanicals, and the strong herbaceous profile that is both relaxing, awakening, and soothing. This soap is also where I feel like my two passions collide and it remains close to my heart for that reason alone. So Florist Soap is back! You’re welcome.

Next up! This beauty. Seaside always sells out fast and I think its two-tone appearance is part of the reason, but I believe it’s also because of what seems to be a collective love for 30A, which is what I named this bar after. Topped with ocean-inspired seeds and botanicals, this bar has an herbaceous aroma from essential oils like rosemary, bergamot, cedarwood atlas, and lavender. It’s a blend that gives the bar a crisp yet smooth smell reminiscent of our family’s favorite travel destination along 30A. If you’re looking for something new to try this summer, try Seaside.

And Empress is back! Lavender, patchouli, and geranium blend together in this pale purple hued bar for a sultry and rich aroma. I always joke that Empress is perfect for my most ‘mature’ of customers because I have many women north of 60 who often tell me patchouli is their favorite scent. Yet, combined with the geranium I think it makes the typically older scent feel a little more youthful and fun. This batch features a subtle lavender ripple through each Empress bar and then dried hydrangea petals atop for a butterfly-esque aesthetic.

Golden-hued from the marigold petal-infused oils and refreshingly scented with lemongrass, pure orange, and litsea cubeba essential oils, our Marigold bar sits perfectly on kitchen sinks or in guest bathrooms. With this particular batch I also added a peachy-pink ripple throughout each loaf so there there’s an extra pop of vibrance in an already colorful soap bar. A dehydrated orange slice delicately tucks into each soap bar top making Marigold a real showstopper and customer favorite!

If you’re partial to a pink toned soap or have ever used RB Soap Co.’s signature Pink Petals bar then you won’t want to miss Minted Rose. The aroma of the bar is predominantly minty but a small splash of benzoin oil softens the scent and gives a slight vanilla note. Rose clay is responsible for the bar’s dusty pink color and then of course there are dried rose petals on top and a sprinkling of pink himalayan salt. It’s the perfect bar to gift to a friend, bride to be, or expectant mother.

Finally, allow me to introduce you to Fleur. This is a herbaceous and one of a kind soap bar featuring a medley of unique essential oils. From ho wood and rosemary, to petitgrain and lemon, with a splash of bergamot this bar boasts an exceptionally robust scent profile. The bar is also two-toned in appearance much like Seaside but in two different earthy green shades thanks to a copious amount of good-for-your-skin sea clay. A selection of dried botanicals, salts, and seeds sits atop the bar making it, in my opinion, the perfect bar for anyone desiring soap that leans more masculine in aroma and appearance.

All of the 4+ ounce bars are listed at $9.00 each and come wrapped in our signature botanical seed labels. Each standalone bar is wrapped in a dusty rose tissue paper for safe transit, and if you don’t plan to use your bar right away, clean storage.

However, if you upgrade your soap bar experience or need a thoughtful ready-to-gift option, then you can purchase a beautiful handmade red cherry wood dish. I’ve started working with a new soap dish maker and am really impressed with this new dish design that not only allows each bar to sit ‘high and dry’ to extend the use of the soap, but has a slightly bowed bottom so that the dish itself is lifted slightly out of any small pools of water that often form on tub, shower, and sink sides. These square 3.5 by 3.5 dishes are beautiful and are priced at $8.00.

When a dish is purchased it gets bundled together with your labeled but tissue-free soap bars and tied with an appropriate color silk ribbon. The ribbon is tied beautifully into a taut bow and these bundles make for a perfect gift. There is also the option for one last upgrade and that’s a kraft gift box filled with crinkle paper. This is an exceptionally wonderful option if you invest in one of our new cement soap dishes! Cement dishes you ask? Read on for more.

If you’re a committed cold process soap bar user or need a really special gift option for a loved one then these cement dishes fit the bill perfectly. I’ve started using one myself and love how the pop of color brightens up the side of my tub. These unique cement dishes are made by an independent artist and will be offered in four different finishes: soft gray, peach, terra cotta, and white and black marble. The slightly scalloped edges allow for water to drain off your soap bar ensuring it last longer, and grippy rubber feet are on the bottom of the dish to help eliminating slipping. The dishes retail for $25.00 and with proper care will last for many years. If a cement dish is purchased I recommend a kraft paper gift box for extra protection during shipping, otherwise the entire bundle will be wrapped carefully with ample tissue.

Aside from the two different soap dish options and gift boxes, there are also a limited number of bath accessories from white cotton waffle weave washcloths, exfoliating bath gloves, and loofah bath scrubbers. These items are really simple but impactful ways to enhance your bath experience or add to a soap purchase if you’re going to be gifting items to a loved one.

And for those of you who have asked and waited so patiently! Bath Truffles are making their return!

Bath Truffles are a whimsical alternative to bath bombs, thanks to their playful and enticing aesthetic. Heavy in both cocoa and shea butters, the truffles allow for a silky smooth bubble bath experience that softens skin and smells delightful. All of our truffles are made non-synthetic fragrances, plus natural colorants that won’t stain your skin or tub. Truffles should be gently and entirely crumbled under running warm or hot bath water to activate the bubbles properly. We suggest one truffle per bath (but have heard rumors that two truffles make for an exceptional bubble bath, an idea we fully stand behind). Truffles come in packs of two for $10.00 and are packaged in a stamped muslin drawstring bag. Please note that they are prone to slightly crumbling around the truffle edges. To make an especially lovely gift, we suggest pairing them with other small, thoughtful items that encourage relaxation and pampering!

Bath Truffles for this particular launch are colored and scented as follows:

Soft purple color: lavender scented
Pale yellow and ivory color: satsuma scented
Pale pink and gray color: rosewood scented
Soft gray and white color: eucalyptus scented

And now for a few important details about Tuesday:

The launch is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28th. The shop will open at noon EST. Please know that the products listed in the shop now until 11:59 am on Tuesday morning are simply placeholders! Sometimes the shop opens about 30 seconds before noon to compensate for any glitches that might make an on-the-dot noon launch tricky but most repeat customers say refreshing the URL right at noon is the best way to access all available products.

Once something is gone from the shop it is gone; this is the nature of handmade products and certainly ones that take multiple steps to create like cold-process soap! I always carefully count my inventory before a launch and then reduce that inventory number by just a few to compensate for any mistakes made when packaging up orders. I am a one woman show and I want to do my best to ensure that if (when!) I make a mistake I am able to correct it. It’s not feasible for me to just make one new bar of whatever variety in a possibly overlooked order so this inventory approach is a safety net I depend on. If no orders are missed then the remaining inventory is always listed back in the shop and paired with a social media announcement so that customers can prepare accordingly.

Finally, this is a request made in every launch preview post, but if you’re a customer and have an issue with your order OR you are a potential customer and you have questions, please email Rhi at [email protected]. On launch day I do not start to package up orders until an hour or two after launch time. There’s traditionally a mad rush of traffic to the site within the first ten minutes of launching with a steady stream of orders for the 50 minutes that follow. I’ve learned that sitting and waiting to tend to customer service needs in that first hour is a much more fruitful use of my time that packing up orders so again! Please email me day of with issues or questions and I will do my best to ensure you get a response back promptly. A DM or message request on Instagram is likely to be missed!

Here’s to hoping you’ll join me on Tuesday, May 28th at 12:00 pm EST the shop doors officially open at last!

All photos in this post were lovingly captured by Samantha James Photography.