Steph + Brett

I’ve started this blog post numerous times trying to find the words to describe Steph and Brett but every time feel like I fall short.

We really get to work with such great clients. The universe always brings people into our circle that compliment our values and work. But there’s something about Steph and Brett that is undeniably special. Perhaps it’s their loving families who even in the middle of this monumental event respectively took time to thank us for our work the day of the wedding. Or maybe it’s the way Steph and Brett each took time to offer us genuine gratitude themselves in between wedding party portraits and ‘I Do’s’. Maybe it’s their chemistry, obviously sweet but never overly. Or maybe it’s the fact that nearly a year after the wedding both moms still comment on my instagram posts with heart emojis and an eagerness that feels loving and kind. Perhaps it’s all of these things because how could it not be?

The wedding day itself was a bit of a whirlwind. A new venue with impossible restrictions, a trek in two trucks across Michigan to the east side, the largest wedding party we’ve ever served, and a guest list of 300. But on the flip side? Steph and Brett. Smiling bridesmaids delighted that their gal was finally marrying the love of her life. A respectful and happy groom. A perfect Michigan summer forecast. And of course our team who did everything possible to ensure we delivered magic. Thank goodness for both Kelly Sweet Photography who captured it all as beautifully as I remember it happened in my memory and for Ann Travis Events who not only executed the event but is responsible for recommending our services to this client (thank you, Ann!).

Congratulations Steph and Brett! Thank you for allowing us into your life. And please don’t be strangers.

Here are a few of my favorite images taken by Kelly Sweet Photography.