The Year of Peace

Out of all the times I’ve picked yearly guide words, ‘intentional’ and ‘disciplined‘ are the only two I can remember.

I think it’s because with both of those years I really sat down to dive into a snapshot of what I wanted my year, and ideally my life, to look like. When you have a big picture in mind it’s easier to figure out how to get there, yes? So in both years I did a great job living out those select words, especially last year in 2018, which looking back now was really, really full. Really full of amazing and big things I’ll forever give praise for, but also full of hard stuff too. Things and circumstances I didn’t include in my wrap up post since that was meant for celebration, but things that were tangible results of discipline and going after my best life with Dave Ramsey-inspired gazelle intensity.

When I sat down to ponder my word for 2019, it didn’t take much reflection to stumble upon it.

Which is interesting, not because of indecisiveness on my part but because I think there’s an unspoken pressure in the creative sphere, or in the sphere of women (men too I suppose?), at least the one I’m privy to, for goals, yearly words, sharing accomplishments, and all we put forward, to be revolutionary, incredibly polished, and rich in take away value. Share something! But only if there’s a beautiful ribbon (silk, with frayed edges please!) tied around it. Oh, and make sure it’s a flat lay photo too. Now how can this ribbon be tied, not literally of course, to some huge life lesson that will get all the ‘amens’ from anyone? I am JUST as guilty as anyone else.

For some, this may be true intentionally or otherwise. But for me, I think the last few years have made me realize how overly complicated I’ve made some areas of my life. How these complications have led me down a rabbit hole that is dark and anything but peaceful. I’ll share more on that next week though because I have an inkling there’s many people who are in that same hole, and holes are dark enough we probably don’t even see the person sitting right next to us down there.

And so ‘peace’ made itself present the day I first started thinking of a word for the very day to day I am in as I type this to you. Intentional? I am, through and through in my professional and personal life. Disciplined? Absolutely; I have to be especially now with two dear littles who depend on me with their very different needs. Content? Joyful? Rested? Check, check, check. Over the last, oh, let’s see, nine years, I’ve done so much ME work. So much work on my business. Family. Travel. Goals. I’ve really really lived.

But at peace? That word fits nicely over my psyche like a favorite familiar sweater.

Staying true with my loose goal to keep things uncomplicated, I’ve set six goals for 2019. A couple are concrete numbers and a few are more general with sub goals beneath them. So it feels like there are a lot more than six. But in 2019 I want to live my life with uncomplicated peace. The simple short definition of peace sounds so lovely, doesn’t it? Freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. Someone get a frothy beverage in my hand please.

What this means for 2019 Rhi (and this is just a sampling of my thoughts):

• Peace from within. Which means inner peace will likely come with some self acceptance. And that means there’s some work to be done but nevertheless it’s work I’m down for. I see it a lot in the realm of self help and go-getter culture where the oxygen mask story is shared as a metaphor for helping oneself first. Put your mask on first before helping others! If you’re not at your best how can others around you flourish? Sure, there are times where my needs are put last because my children have to come first or serving your spouse has a place. But generally speaking, serving your own needs first before helping others ensures everyone benefits in the end. It’s a ripple effect of servitude. Here’s to strapping on an oxygen mask of peace this year. Inhale. Exhale.

• I want to share, inspire, and connect in new strategic ways. I want to be careful with the delivery of my words and thoughts so that they can get to the right recipient in the right fashion. I’ll have an entire post on this for you next week which talks about my biggest radical goal for 2019 but it’s unapologetic (a very close second to my word ‘peace’ and very inspired by one of my favorite friends). The ‘quiet and tranquil’ part of peace’s definition feels so refreshing to me. Like a big glass of cold water on a hot summer’s day. And I am thirsty you guys.

• A consistent nudge towards a life of ownership and acceptance without apology. Being unapologetic requires boldness and acceptance with your decisions and circumstances so it feels almost chaotic to me to even think about this shift in my behavior. Like will being bold and shaking my business up, saying what I want without justifications, and doing radical things my own way, really lead towards PEACE? That feels messy and uncertain. But on the flip side it also feels like taking responsibility for what I have and want in my precious life. And the acceptance that comes along with my circumstances, stagnant or ever-changing, is where peace is found. The quiet, I believe, is rooted in an unapologetic acceptance for X. And I’ll be continuing to cultivate my ‘X’ over the next 12 months and beyond.

. . . . . . . . .

I have two questions for you today. First, are you a ‘yearly word’ kind of person, and if so, what’s your word for 2019? Link to your post below or let me know how I can join in on your conversations. Secondly, do you share your goals publicly? Do you enjoy reading other people’s goals and if so, why? I have my answers and they are all positive but I would love feedback from you as I ponder over the sharing of my own goals for this year.

Sending love as we settle into 2019! Xo

Photo by Kelly Sweet. Isn’t that quote delightfully eye-opening?