Happy Year Two, Lachlan Rue

Sweet Lachlan Rue, how are you TWO?

If you’ve read any of my posts over the last few years you’ll know I’m completely smitten with motherhood (and with my son). And I’m pretty unapologetic about it. My motherhood journey has been a really joyful and constant adventure which is interesting given that so much in many other areas of my life has been quite the opposite over the last two years and nine months (if we are counting the time I carried Lachlan in my belly). But motherhood has been a tremendously awesome gift and one of those things I never knew I was missing until I had it. Out of all the hats I wear in my life being mama is probably my most favorite.

In celebration of our sweet and sassy little two year, I share these truths with you:

• I loved so much about the newborn stage. It was a tender and vulnerable time as a new mama, constantly watching over my new baby while feeling so overwhelmed with emotion it sometimes felt painful (#oversensitive). I was enamoured with the little and big changes my son would make almost daily those first twelve months but heartbroken that the ‘firsts’ were flying by sometimes in the blink of an eye. So I quickly learned the value of being present and enjoying, like really straight up being IN, those joyful-heartwarming-once-in-a-lifetime sort of moments. Now as Lachlan is a bit older yet still learning so many new things all at once, my vulnerability feels less fragile and instead my mama heart is so truly full and able to feel very lucky to experience this adventure.

• Toddlers are like mini adults but without the discernment to make logical decisions. Sometimes I believe I could be a master negotiator for the CIA because if it’s not negotiating with Lachlan to put his coat on, put down the knife (how did you get that?!), stop smacking the dog, get off the counter, do NOT eat the diaper rash cream, and seriously, put on your coat because we live in the Midwest and it’s 3 degrees, it’s making sure I’m there as the safety net to a impulsive decision that only a curious toddler could make. Toddlers have incredible persistence. Consistent focus on their pleasure-and-curiosity driven goals. Yet a serious lack of judgement and motor development which makes witnessing their every move laughable albeit slightly maddening at times.

• I’ve spoken openly in the past about how when I was pregnant I had hoped for a baby girl. Even though I knew I had conceived a boy (I mean, I just knew Lachlan was a boy!) I still had a little sliver of hope that maybe a little girl was in my belly when we went in for our early gender ultrasound ($65.00 to get a #toldyouso). And yet at 12:40 am on January 18th, 2016 when a new Lachlan Rue was placed next to my cheek after a really scary grand entrance into the world, everything about God giving you want you need made sense. Never mind what you want. Lachlan has been everything I ever wanted in a child and that’s putting it lightly. My gratitude overflows for him.

• Toddlers help tame perfectionist tendencies because if you’ve ever tried to tidy up behind a toddler you’ll know it’s like trying to collect a stack of printer paper in a category five hurricane. Messes are commonplace, clutter is part of the process, and every little thing that’s not a toy is seen as such through a toddler’s eyes (or maybe through my toddler’s eyes? Sometimes I wonder why we even have any toys because we toss around spatulas, twist cords, and try to chew on EVERYTHING for fun around here). I used to fight the good fight to keep a perfect home and a perfect life when Lachlan was a baby. But he’s taught me there’s so much more joy in keeping a life that feels good on the INSIDE because that translates pretty darn close to perfection however you slice it.

Select things that make toddlerhood trying and merely a part of the, ‘This too is just a season,’ mentality? Toddler shoes, managing a picky eater at dinner time, sleep training when your toddler moves out of his crib into an open bed, trying to convince your toddler that the potty really IS that much better than a diaper, wiping noses, cleaning ears, and pulling them out of the bath tub because it’s cold and the bathtub is just that fun. Sometimes I secretly ask Andrew to do these types of jobs because hey, it takes a village and the village chief gets tired.

Select things that make toddlerhood the best season so far and one worth soaking up? The 4:00 am wake up calls with your toddler at your bedside, blanket by their side, and little ‘mama’ whisper in your ear, the kisses and hugs and cute new words improperly given/said on demand, and perhaps best of all the failed efforts at sarcastically interacting with your toddler. As of late, I’ve been casually remarking that Lachlan, ‘Looks like he’s five!’ and last night when Papa asked L how old he would be today, in the most enthusiastic and proud voice possible, he proclaimed, ‘Five!’. Touche, little man, touche.

Stay two a little bit longer my sweet boy. I so love every last square inch of you.

Happy birthday, Lachlan Rue!

Photo by my dear mama friend Samantha James Photography (whose awesome monkey impression managed to bring out the best little smirk on our playful boy’s face; Lachlan can be rather serious in photographs, probably a trait inherited from his dad. But this photo perfectly captured the playful side we get when the cameras are away. I will cherish it always).

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