5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

One of the compliments we most receive from our clients is how we manage to make every wedding look uniquely different and clearly catered to the personalities and interests of the couple, but still consistently in line with our brand values – which is creating timeless, innovative and beautiful weddings. This always brings me a tremendous amount of joy because our unique creative process allows us to do just that; design and create a wedding for every couple that doesn’t look like the dozens of others they have been to or seen.

Honing in on those details and bringing them to life when inspiration is to be found everywhere can be tricky. It can be even harder when you consider inevitable wedding planning hurdles like sticking to a budget, managing other’s opinions and the all too familiar feeling of being drawn to lots of beautiful things at once. But rest assured, it is possible to plan a beautiful event that will stand out and be remembered for years to come.

Below are five tangible tips on how you can make your wedding stand out.



Remember the wedding is about you and your fiance; not the millions of things you see everywhere else.

Just because your sorority sister’s cousin had a photobooth at their wedding doesn’t mean you need one too. If your best friend had a big tented wedding in the middle of summer but a small New Year’s Eve dinner downtown suits you better, that’s great too. Time and time again I find couples feel most torn over feeling like they have to plan their wedding a certain way because so and so did. When it comes time to make any decision in relation to your wedding ask yourself if it’s a decision that will stay true to you and your fiance. Because it’s a celebration about just that, you and your partner. Let that be a foundation of every planning decision you make!


Work with what you’ve got instead of fighting against what you don’t.

I often tell my couples that their venue will really help determine which direction their wedding aesthetic goes in. And when it comes to nailing down the perfect venue, most couples have to compromise on some details like not so appealing carpet in that downtown loft venue that can hold your outrageously big guest list or a less than ideal wedding end time in that dream barn out in the country. Instead of getting down about these things work with them to your advantage. Looking at things from a new perspective can sometimes bring light to a detail you would have otherwise overlooked like a unique color palette to tie in with that seemingly off carpet or a chance to have an after party in a new location when the barn wedding ends on a high note (hotel party, anyone?).


Consider your guest’s experience and cater to all their senses.

Sometimes aesthetics trump practicality but most of the time when you’re considering the people who will actually be enjoying your wedding with you, being sensible makes the most sense. Walk through your wedding day in the shoes of your guests and consider how their senses will be catered to. Will an un-airconditioned barn in the middle of July at 5:00 pm be miserable for your male guests in suits? Will a standing cocktail reception leave people feeling hungry by the time dancing starts? Will the placement of your band’s speakers next to the dance floor be too loud for some dancing guests? Guests will really remember the elements that cater to their senses more than details like the metallic tone of your flatware or shade of blush roses in your bouquet; although I DO agree those things are important in their own regard.


Never underestimate the appeal of simplicity. 

Simplicity is hard to master. It’s easy to overcomplicate things and add more of: insert-any-item-here in an effort to stand out. When in doubt try to think of the most simple version of something and if that will allow your wedding to be different. This can be applied to anything from your ceremony program and bridal party, to your venue layout and dinner menu, and to your tablescapes and the toasts you scatter throughout the night. Keeping things simple ties in with my point above about catering to guest’s senses but can also allow you to have a one of a kind celebration. Think traditional vows paired together with your favorite musical choices in lieu of Here Comes the Bride, or mini tiramisu desserts to play off where your beau proposed in lieu of a big wedding cake that doesn’t carry much meaning for you both. The possibilities are endless!


Invest in vendors who can help curate a wedding experience that exceeds your expectations.

When all else fails, if managing hundreds of details and trying to stay ahead of the curve feels like too much, that’s normal. And there are many professionals available to help you make sense of it all. Here at Hey Gorgeous we do our best to help ease planning stress but also ensure we’re combining our couple’s unique personalities and interests into a wedding celebration that’s one of a kind. With the right team of professionals who work hard, think creatively, and work well together, you can be assured your wedding will stand out and then some!


Photography: Samantha James Photography / Concept, florals, and styling: Hey Gorgeous Events / Skirt and top combination: Carol Hannah / Hair and make up: Hanna Wagner Design / Rentals: The Rental Co / Linen: La Tavola / Stationery elements: A Fine Press /  Editorial production created for Style Me Pretty