The Trouvaille Workshop, Holly Springs {Day Three}

Welcome to the recap of day three from The Trouvaille Workshop, Holly Springs! This day was a good one.


Our day started out with another delicious breakfast from Belle’s and the most amazing muffins as a treat to have during the sessions. Since Wednesday was our longest day as a group and one full of sit down education sessions, I wanted to make sure no one went hungry! It was also what I liked to call our ‘pink day’ so you can see many people took that pretty seriously when selecting their outfits. Wednesday was a really really fun day.


To get relaxed and start off on a high note we had a fun little cupcake decorating class from Randi of Sugar Euphoria! Have you ever thought what it would be like to have a different job in the industry? I have and thought why not tackle something we don’t normally do as creatives. Some of the attendees were REALLY good at decorating too, which isn’t surprising! Thanks for the fun morning, Randi.


Up next, we had Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros. Michelle has been a four time Trouvaille speaker now and for good reason. Her discussions on money, pricing strategies, hiring, and more always resonate so well with others and me even after seven years of business. I love being a part of the discussions that arise from her presentations because the questions that come from attendees are GOOD.

TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree5 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree6

For lunch we enjoyed a fresh and delicious boxed picnic lunch outside under the portico and it was another home run by Belle’s. The bonus was sharing Cheerwine with all of my Midwest friends who had never heard of it! And here’s a fun story: I had bought some blankets from Home Goods a few weeks before Trouvaille. The blankets caught my eye at the store because they were covered in pineapples and I knew pineapples are a symbol of Southern hospitality. I grabbed them as quick as I could and knew they would be perfect for attendees to use during the picnic part of the retreat.

Belle’s rebranded their company around the same time I found the blankets and imagine my excited surprise to see their new logo centered around a pineapple! Seeing Brooke’s vision come to life with her catering company is such an honor and I can speak on behalf of everyone at Trouvaille when I say that the food was simply out of this world. Oh! And the blankets were a BIG hit too.

TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree7 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree8 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree9

After lunch we had a very special guest join us; the amazing Lara Casey Isaacson.

I can tell you her hour spent with everyone was special, impactful, and one of those had-t0-be-there experiences. And the fun part is at the end of her discussion I had the honor of handing out copies of her book and Powersheets to each and every person in the room. It was a really fun way to come back from lunch outside and dive back into working on the business side and goal end of our brands and businesses.

TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree10TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree11 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree12

Hi Heather! If you don’t know Heather Crabtree then you need to.

This lady sure knows her stuff. Having her wisdom and huge heart with us for four days was a blessing.


And before we sent everyone home to freshen up for dinner, we had a little cake and champagne party in the women’s lounge. Randi brought my cake tasting bar dream to life! With four different cake flavors and frostings, everyone was able to grab some sugar and bubbly, and mingle with their friends before our dinner together.

TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree14 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree15 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree16 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree17

And finally! Our finale dinner.

This was one of my favorite parts of the entire workshop. Our dinner was a really intimate, beautiful and delicious celebration of new friendships, business successes, and hope for the future. There were many special details including the stunning cake from Sugar Euphoria, a cocktail hour full of delicacies, and my favorite detail of all, that giant bay leaf garland heart on the wall to celebrate #workshopwithaheart.

TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree19 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree20 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree21 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree22 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree23 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree24 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree25 TrouvailleWorkshopDayThree26

To everyone who sat around those two tables that night, I love you!


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Venue: The Leslie Alford Mims House / Photography: Nancy and Callie of Nancy Ray Photography / Planning, florals and host: Hey Gorgeous Events / Catering and drinks: Belle’s Catering / Stationery and calligraphy: Moya Minns of MM Ink / Curated welcome gifts: Marigold & Grey / Linens: Nuage Designs / Rentals: American Party Rentals / Vintage rentals: Paisley & Jade / Rhiannon’s earrings: Gemma Jewel Shop / Silk ribbon: Tono & Co / Videography:314 Productions / Film processing: Indie Film Lab / Cake and sample bar: Sugar Euphoria / Powersheets and Make It Happen book: Lara Casey Shop / Cosmetic pouches: Parris Chic Boutique / Eye masks: Plum Pretty Sugar