Featured {Vogue Magazine}

You may have already seen the news over here, but Vogue Magazine recently included Hey Gorgeous Events in their exclusive list of top wedding planners worldwide! It was a total pinch-me moment to have my name and business included with the likes of Easton Events and Calder Clark, two brands headed by women I very much admire and respect. But even more so, it was a rewarding accomplishment given my recent transition into motherhood. These days, I find myself often thinking about how I will follow in the footsteps of many successful women and balance motherhood with running a thriving business (spoiler alert: I’m learning there isn’t a secret recipe to doing it all but instead putting forth a fierce work ethic to protect work time as work time and family time as family time). Sometimes it feels really great to be recognized for your work and I give my sincerest thanks to Vogue for the inclusion and to my team for helping us earn this accolade!

Congratulations to the others included too. Our wedding industry is so powerful and rich in diversity.