A New Beginning


Putting together this editorial for The Pioneer issue of Cottage Hill Magazine was a highlight of my summer work schedule. Kelly of Kelly Sweet Photography and I scheduled our shoot date just a week before Andrew and I found out Baby Bosse was a boy at 16 weeks. Paired together with styling this installation in his soon to be nursery, it left me feeling so hopeful, grateful and fulfilled. The anticipation I felt as I placed each beautiful bloom up on the wall, wondering if the life in my belly would be a boy or a girl was so sweet and sacred to me.

The story that goes hand in hand with these images however is one that involves so many other incredible women. Women with powerful stories, endless talents, hearts of gold and words of wisdom. Women I’ve known for years in the creative realm, who are fearless leaders, and who are advocates of dreaming big yet wholeheartedly embracing imperfection. Entrepreneurs, mamas, dreamers, doers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, believers. It was pretty powerful to read the article in print and know these photos are just a part of a bigger story. If you haven’t read this story yet you can catch a bit over here on the Cottage Hill blog.

And for those who are curious the paint color on the walls in these photos is Stormy Monday by Benjamin Moore (I get asked this quite often!) But now with just three weeks until our son joins us at long last, this room has been transformed into a peaceful little baby boy’s nursery and those walls are a really airy shade of white. I’ll be sharing more once he makes his debut and we have the honor of introducing our little man to the world.

For now, enjoy my most favorite images. The light that pours into this room in our house is divine isn’t it?

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Have a very sweet and Merry Christmas, my friends xoxo