Timeless Elegance


I think a lot about wedding trends and how they come and go much like fashion trends do. For example, I remember in high school feeling a strong dismay over most of the shirts hanging in the popular clothing stores because they were very short in the midriff area. My sporty boyish figure did not compliment that style well and shopping always felt impossible. A few years after that when longer tanks and shirts became they rage, I jumped for joy and probably begged my mom to buy me every one I could get my hands on. Even to this day, most of the tops I wear are longer, very flowy in fabric and a bit on the ethereal and romantic side.

But! If you’re aware of things in other creative industries (fashion, interior design, etc) you’ll know crop tops, even extreme crop tops are sort of the ‘it’ outfit right now. The red carpet is graced with two piece gowns and the shorter the top the better. A quick scroll online shows the same thing on most of my go to shopping sources sites. And just like that, my dreaded high school fashion nightmare is coming back to haunt me because I honestly still don’t have the abs or gusto to wear something like a crop top. But hey to each their own right?

My point is this; my team and I work really hard to not only plan wonderful events, but to create an event aesthetic that will remain timeless for years to come. I went through some blog post drafts this weekend to plan for today and realized I never blogged the photos from an editorial project back in 2012. I had just started to officially add floral design into my offerings that summer and was fearful of what others would think. I was fearful of a lot actually. But when I looked through the photos I realized the values and virtues in the Hey Gorgeous brand were pretty spot on back then with what they are now. How cool right?

Enjoy these stunning images from my dear friend, Cyn Kain. And a big thank you to the amazing team who braved a nasty Michigan winter to make this all possible. Today’s lesson is sometimes we need to give ourselves a bit more credit. Darling, you’re doing better than you think! I’ll be reminding myself of this all day, I’m sure.

TimelessEleganceHGETimelessElegance6TimelessElegance3TimelessEleganceHGE3 TimelessElegance5

The cake was my favorite detail! How stunning right?

TimelessElegance7TimelessElegance8 TimelessEleganceHGE5TimelessElegance10

Happy Monday, blogettes! Xoxo

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Photography: Cyn Kain Photography / Planning, design and florals: Hey Gorgeous Events / Gowns, accessories and bridal styling: The Gown Shop Ann Arbor / Cake and favors: Sweet Heather Anne / Hair Styling: Jennifer Grace / Make Up: Posh Studio / Rentals: Special Events Rental / Linen: La Tavola Linen / Calligraphy and paper: Molly Jacques / Venue: Loft 310