The Hey Gorgeous Events Studio


Welcome to the Hey Gorgeous Events studio my friends!

I’m so happy to be able to show you around a little at long last. The basement has been an absolute labor of love to bring to life and while it’s very far from finished (as is everything right?) it’s imperfectly perfect. I have about 650 square feet of open space down here all to myself for running my business and it’s more than I could ever need right now in this season of life. I have a lot more detail sprinkled throughout this post along with the introduction to my incredible team, so read on to learn more. I hope you love it in here as much as we do!


When we built our home nearly four years ago, we wanted to finish our basement but it wasn’t in the budget. About two years ago we were debating on investing in an outside studio for my work or an in home studio in the basement. And then finally after many hours and discussions settled on the basement. In an effort to save a bit of money we took on most of the work ourselves which was a big investment time wise. But it was worth the effort. It feels special to be in a personalized space we sort of brought to life ourselves.

In addition to my desk and primary work space, there are two floral work tables which work well for wrapping gifts, assembling save the dates and invites for our clients, and other projects that normally used to take up shop on our dining room table. There is a living room area for consults and hanging out and a space for my favorite inventory pieces. Then there is a not pictured back room area with more inventory and a sink for water. Plus a full bathroom which is only half finished. With the small amount of large events we take on and the amount of travelling we do, this space offers us everything we need to do our job and do it well.

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Hi Zo! Zoe loves having more space to roam in our house. I just love her.


We had a team day at the start of 2015 to kick start to the season and refresh our creative reflexes. The goal was to discuss our year’s responsibilities, go over designs and make sure we are all on the same page floral wise. Having gals with the same appreciation for florals as I have is such a great feeling. My team is so special.

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Oh and did I mention the floors are faux hardwood? They are floating vinyl panels that were very affordable. My water buckets thank me. Clean up in the studio is really easy (so far) and the space will transition over nicely to a recreational basement when we move the studio outside the home for a bigger space in the future.


The couch is actually a hand me down from my Nan. I love it so much because I remember how proud she was when she first bought it. I’ve had it since college and it’s been pretty dependable. The throw pillows are from Home Goods and that killer Lucite coffee table is a real Kartell piece scored by my Ma at the Goodwill. Seriously. It’s beautiful. I tried two other tables over that rug and the Lucite one was the clear (ha!) winner.


This side console table houses some of my favorite prints from colleagues and friends, including that amazing sketch of Zoe made by Jess one of my head floral designers. Isn’t she talented? Also, I have to note that considering the studio is in our basement, there’s some remarkable natural light that pours in through the four side windows. We really lucked out with the placement of the windows and the way the sun moves throughout the day because some basements can be dark and dreary. I can’t wait for summer down here.

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Those wicker baskets at the work tables house my tools and supplies. Easy and beautiful.

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And finally, meet my main team, friends! Jess, me in the middle and Betsi. These gals have been by my side for the past two seasons and going into the third this year feels like second nature. We work hard but we play hard too. We keep each other encouraged, we lift one another up and are usually able to anticipate what the other is thinking. We work together like we’ve been a team for years. I am very very lucky. And grateful.

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Betsi comes to the team with more than a decade of floral experience and a knack for being determined and on her game at all times. She tackles a lot of the floral work around here and is always thinking on her feet to solve any problems. Betsi has a laugh that lights up an entire room (look at the photo on the right; you can hear her laughing!) and a softness about her that makes me feel at ease and loved on. She lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and three kids. She’s got crazy cool dance moves. She’s simply amazing.


And Jess is one of the hardest working gals I’ve ever known. She’s been designing florals since she was 15 and lends her well rounded experience to our events. She’s able to do five tasks in the amount of time it takes most to do one, and I love how dependable and trustworthy she is. Jess is quiet but quick witted and well, we love her ability to just roll with the punches. Jess has a heart of gold. And a hug that makes you feel loved on. She lives in Bath, Michigan with her boyfriend and sweet (read: massive) dog Parker. She always has a Mountain Dew in her hand. Even at 6:00 am load ins. We still love her for it. She’s incredible.


More details…

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And some play time!

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My branding collateral was designed by Kathryn Duckett of Creme Brands (love her) and printed by Jodi Bos of Gwyneth Paige Letterpress (love her too). It’s luxurious, femineine and simplistic. The pieces really fit in with the aesthetic of the new studio and the look my brand epitomizes so we had to capture a few photos of the pieces the day of the shoot. Those wax seals have my heart forever.


I also owe a huge thank you to the wildly talented Alexandra Nicole (another 2015 HGE bride!) who did all of our make up for the day. Alex is incredibly lovely and talented. Having her with us all day was such a blessing. And the Love Deeply print was a gift from Britt Douglas at Gallery No. Eight and it’s a really sentimental piece for me. At the heart of the HGE brand is the message that we love deeply. Above all else we love on others. Thank you Britt for sending me such a special print to have in the studio.


You can also catch a behind the scenes look of the Hey Gorgeous brand over on Style Me Pretty today where they’ve also featured the studio tour. Thanks to the SMP team for sharing our new space! Let me know what part is your favorite below, friends! Have a really beautiful day xoxo

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Photography: Bradley James Photography / Florals and Styling: Hey Gorgeous Events / Make Up: Alexandra Nicole Make Up Artist / Rug, Throw Pillows, Mirrors and Lamps: Home Goods / Side Chairs, Wicker Baskets, White Urns, Rhi’s Desk and Console Table: World Market / Lucite Coffee Table: Kartell (scored from the Goodwill! Thanks Mom) / Lucite Stools: Staples / Couch and Silver Wicker Side Table: hand me down / Silver Side Table: Overstock / Blanket Basket and White Sheepskin Rug: IKEA / Pink Watercolor Print: Love, The Nelsons, Shay Nelson / Pink Poufs: Lulu & Georgia / Rhi’s Necklace: Target / Rhi’s Shoes: Aldo / Paint Color: Designer White, Pittsburgh Paints