The New Hey Gorgeous Events!

Today is a beautiful day, friends! I’m so thrilled to reveal the new and improved Hey Gorgeous Events brand. It’s been a little something that’s been in the works since last Christmas when I felt like my business (and I) had both grown up and out grown what my brand looked like before. Was anything wrong with my look before? No. But I knew that to attract and secure the clientele I so crave, the events I dream of and to be true to the HGE aesthetic and magic, the look, feel and online presence of this business I’ve built over the past five years, would need to change. And it would need to reflect the personable, unique, high end, magical, and boutique brand that I’m privileged to call my own. With that I have this:


I owe so much to Kathryn Duckett of Creme Brands who is the genius behind the new look. I contacted Kathryn in January to help me switch over my website to Squarespace (majorly in part to Squarespace’s functionality and great customer service) and remember clearly telling her I had a two week deadline. My goal was to whip out a new calligraphy logo, switch my content over to Squarespace and then quietly relaunch the new logo sometime in mid-February. Easy peasy. But then Kathryn encouraged me to do a ton of thinking and searching and digging into what my business is all about. The things I’ve worked hours for, the things I shed blood, sweat and tears over, the things I have dreamt and strived and hoped for. Kathryn was a cheerleader, an artist, and a friend when I needed it. She was kind, creative, patient and reassuring when I doubted my decisions. She was monumental in creating this new look that feels like home.


Some of you have asked or may be wondering; is Hey Gorgeous changing? The short answer is yes with a little bit of no. My goal with HGE from day one has been to be a small but powerful boutique business with a roster of weddings and clients that’s representative of quality over quantity. I’ve never wanted a staff of 10, a year with 20 plus weddings or the opportunity to plan events outside of weddings. My core has always been right where it is today; or right on track rather, with where it is I’m heading. That feels really good. I’ll continue to take a limited amount of contracts per year, offering only full service planning, design and florals. I’ll also continue to conceptualize and design a number of editorial productions each season, along with cultivating the growing sister brand to HGE, the Trouvaille Workshop (which also relaunched today with a gorgeous new look thanks to Kathryn. Check it out over here!)


Every decision I’ve made, good and bad, has gotten me where I am in this moment. And I’m as happy as I can be (see photo above by Jen Lynne). Thank you to EVERYONE for your love and support over the years.

You’re so loved xo