Trouvaille The Workshop

Whoa whoa whoa! This is happening. I could yell with excitement from the rooftops! I’m SO excited.


As we all know, with growth comes change and with change comes growth. The two really go hand in hand don’t they? For me, the Trouvaille Workshop is a wonderful and refreshing change — or rather an addition since Hey Gorgeous isn’t going anywhere — in my business plan moving forward. I’m a big advocate of learning, teaching and community. I’m an even bigger advocate of safe and inspiring spaces where you can grow and interact with like minded people who will support and cheer you on in your personal and professional endeavors. For me, as a multi-faceted business owner here in the Midwest, I felt there was a need to provide an opportunity for people looking to run similar creative businesses as my own. Since last spring, I’ve been dreaming up the idea of spearheading a hands on and interactive workshop, bouncing the potential curriculum/my crazy ideas off of colleagues and friends for feedback. I’ve also been doing some serious soul searching into what this workshop experience could really mean for those who decide to attend.


So we’re here. At last! And officially letting the cat out of the bag finally feels like the biggest relief after months of hard work behind the scenes. Official workshop registration will open next week but for now I will be sharing the news with everyone I can and getting official workshop speakers, sponsors and further details together for the site. Guys, there are some seriously amazing people who have agreed to be a part of this and I’m thanking the Lord three times over for it. I’m really just so amazed at again, what a community can create. You can view the workshop site here where you can sign up for updates and workshop newsletters. You can also check out the Event Brite page here where ticket sales will open on November 1st with a special early bird rate. Oh and because a few people have asked, Trouvaille is a French word loosely translated to, “something lovely discovered by chance.” How perfect.


In the meantime, a big thank you goes out to Cathy Olson of Love Inspired for her amazing talent and hard work in helping me create the Trouvaille site so it seamlessly flows together with the Hey Gorgeous brand. Also a big thank you to Molly Jacques for the lovely logo. Molly created the HGE logo and I’ve loved having a bit of her heart as a part of now both brands. I also have to give a ginormous shout out to Sam and Brad of Bradley James Photography for their incredible photography skills and huge hearts. They shot those photos of me that you’ve been seeing everywhere and managed to make me look like a total babe. They are also the official workshop photographers and next April will be present as both speakers and official moment-capturers at Trouvaille. I’m so blessed.

So spread the word would ya? And if you’re thinking of coming, I cannot wait to meet you! It’s going to be a blast :)