Published {The Knot Michigan}

Guys, I nearly did cartwheels when I finally saw the latest issue of The Knot Michigan sitting on the shelves at Target this past weekend. The issue with my work published on the inside. See, a couple years ago Andrew and I made the move from Chicago to Michigan just three months after my second move back to the city (and only six months after our wedding; still with me here?) This big city girl was sick of moving and I remember sulking the entire drive here to Grand Rapids because I KNEW it was going to be so so hard to find my ideal client, the kind of client that I dream of working with, here in Michigan. I felt like the type of career and business I wanted so badly was further away from reality in Michigan and I couldn’t believe this would now be ‘home.’ Luckily I learned pretty quickly like with most things in life you can sulk about it and do nothing, or you can turn a negative into a positive and make it work for you. So I did just that. I decided I’d have to let Michigan learn to love me and what I have to offer. I’d have to try and set an example to show that quirky event design and full service event planning services are a must. With a small portfolio of events but all the gusto in the world to make it happen, I knew eventually things would fall into place. And they did.


If you pick up the latest issue of The Knot Michigan, you find a section in the middle called Tradition with a Twist. Guys, that is SO Hey Gorgeous isn’t it? Traditional with a twist. Playful with the pretty. Gorgeous with the unexpected. I had no clue what the story would be about prior to receiving my sneak peek copy but I love how they highlighted the juxtaposition-style of my florals and events. And seven pages? Of my work, blooms and my big old heart? HGE in print! To the editors at The Knot who told me I have something special to offer here in Michigan, thank you reigniting that fire in me that here in Michigan I am needed and understood. If you’re reading this and you’re in Michigan go grab a copy too. It’s really a gorgeous issue filled with amazing vendors and ideas from here in the Mitten.

Oh and the above double page spread is from our Little Black Dress Bridal Shower editorial. You can see more here. Amy Carroll shot the spread and did a wonderful job. Ashley from Lemon and Lavender created the lovely paper goods and I did the styling, concept and florals. Have a happy Tuesday, friends and go out there and do something wonderful! xoxo