Featured {The Everygirl}


Happy Thursday, blogettes! I’m so excited that my most recent editorial is featured on an incredible (non-wedding based) blog today! I’m such a fan of The Everygirl and shrieked a little when they told me the shoot would be up on their site today. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with a few talented chicks to bring the idea of a Valentine’s Day Friendship Fete to life, and after it was all said and done really think so many of us would love hosting or even attending this kind of night in. You know, one where you and your girlfriends could celebrate your friendships with one another! I’ll have more photos and details in a post next week here on the 14th but in the meantime I hope you too find the ideas used throughout the shoot as inspiration for your own celebration. Check out the feature here with more eye candy and tons of party planning tips from yours truly! All photos were taken by the talented Kelly Braman.