Nicole + Chris {Wedding Teaser by Elizabeth in Love}

When you’re in the process of a rebrand, you’re continually looking for things, anything really, that speaks volumes about all you wish to epitomize with the new you. I had ten events in 2012 and just knew my final October 13th wedding would take the cake. From designing and assembling the florals and decor myself to the most incredible, out of the box bride and groom I was smitten with Nicole and Chris and everything about their intimate fall wedding. I also had the chance to end my season with photographer Beth Kaye (who I started the season with here, ironically!) and well, we all know how much I love that chick and her work. That above photo? Oh goodness it’s like everything I want the new and improved HGE to represent and more. How gorgeous is Nicole and her sister in law and sister on her big day? Those gowns, those expressions; I just love my job. xoxo