Our Wedding Anniversary

Andrew, today I checked over on The Knot and it’s been 731 days since we said I Do. Two full years of things we never imagined. Year two in my opinion, is much harder than the first. Because sometimes the excitement from year one goes away, and unless you can work together as a team marriage can be really kind of hard. But you’ve been such a constant rock for me. You tolerate me, my weaknesses, my bad habits. You encourage me, believe in me, and most of all continually love and nurture me. When I think about it there’s nothing incredibly special about you and I together. Except that I think our love story is the sweetest of them all. Here’s to dozens of more years together eating cake and at our cores, being simply put, happy xoxo

More of our wedding can be over viewed here and here. And our one year anniversary over here. In the meantime I will be trying to juggle half a work day with half a day of anniversary celebration prep so this little lady is off to multitask like never before. Lots more goodness coming you way this week so hold tight my friends and soak up that sunshine. Happy Monday!