Confessions of a Rebrand

Guys, this happened yesterday. I didn’t even know my face (or hair; need a brush Rhi?) could do things like this.

I’m actually lying a bit though because that photo isn’t from yesterday (it’s by the wonderful Amy Carroll from our totally rad May editorial shoot which we’re sharing soon). But I was totally smiling like so. See, I had two special calls yesterday. Phone calls that got me thinking seriously about this new and improved Hey Gorgeous that’s going to happen. So many people who’ve experienced the rebranding journey with Making Brands Happen have said how remarkable the process was. That working with Lara and Emily really opens your eyes to things you would have never even considered personally and professionally. I didn’t quite understand the magnitude of what that really meant until yesterday when I hung up the phone with both of them. I spent the afternoon here in the Girl cave wearing my “You’re a Badass, Rhi” hat. Yeah, I have one of those.

It’s tough running your own business. Especially when your business is still rather new and there’s only one person trying to make it rain glitter every day. When you’re offering a high end service, and living and trying to promote your business in a tricky demographic area where it seems no one finds value in what you’re offering, it’s especially hard. But yesterday, immediately my sense of worth improved ten fold after hanging up the phone. A new action plan, a few strategic steps and so many exciting new details later, I’m ready to create awesomeness in every little pink-infused corner of my world. I feel excited, hopeful and good. I feel like someone else, two someone else’s, openly understand and embrace the potential I know I have.

Sometimes I sit back here and look at my day. Just any given day listed out in my adorable Martha Stewart planner (I have the Tiffany blue one; obsessed). From phone calls about table runners, timelines that go on for days, hotel reservations, puppy training (does the biting ever stop?) wondering when the next paycheck will come in, feeling guilty for not going to the gym, missing my family, missing my friends back home, somehow getting through most satisfying and equally long wedding days I’ve known; it’s crazy easy to get caught up and overwhelmed with things. As a worrier by nature it often feels like I’m losing grip on my own reality and I’m doing everything to avoid anyone from seeing. Don’t drop the ball Rhi, don’t drop the ball.

More than often I feel embarrased that I spent six years of my life studying for a job I don’t have now especially when I see my former classmates working 9 to 5’s which are I’m sure salaried positions. Did I take the easy way out? I feel like I created my own ‘job’ because no one else out there was going to give me one. I feel spoiled because I have a husband who supports my business and understands the first few years are the hardest. It’s a constant inner struggle at times. Except, last night when I stood back and closed my laptop at 9:30 pm, I was in all honestly silently blown away. I’ve never really stopped to soak it all in. To appreciate things I’ve learned, accomplished, tried, failed and succeed at. I gave myself my first high five yesterday.

Guys, I am excited. Nothing else accurately describes how I feel about things moving forward. I said this yesterday to the girls on the phone because it’s the only way I could properly describe (metaphorically of course) how I see my own brand, but my current brand reminds me of hair. Hair that’s a bit flat, hair that looks fine but could use a few highlights and maybe a blow out to be a bit better. And perhaps a trim to the ends. Multi-dimensional. With layers. In a nutshell, HGE is going to the salon.

Happy Friday, blogettes. Thanks for sticking along on my journey xoxo

P.S. Today I have a fun little project happening in my home for Style Me Pretty. Follow along here for more!