Confessions of a Rebrand

You know what I’ve loved most about this whole rebranding process? It’s made me think. It’s made me think really long and hard about so many itty bitty parts of my business that sort of all collided into one whole before. I love breaking things down into little pieces. I love looking at each part of every puzzle but have never thought to fully do the same with my own business. At least not as specifically or in the way that this process has made me do. Backend business structure, collateral, phone calls, emails, logos, color schemes, pricing, client experiences, ideal clients, who I am, what my goals are.

One of the things though, that’s really had a profound effect on how I view my brand is articulating who my ideal client is. I used to think my ideal client is someone who will pay money to work with me. What’s more ideal than someone who wants to give you business right? If this person happened to share my values, share my style, appreciate what I do and what I can offer then that’s simply a bonus on top of booking them as a client. A double bonus in my mind? Someone who could openly trust me and my direction in the design department. There’s nothing more fulfilling than a client who trusts my vision and ideas.

I put together a Pinterest board illustrating my ideal client. Hello! This was such an eye opening exercise. Not only was I able to visually see in front of me a portrait of the clients I hope to have, but my ideal client turned out to be someone I could be friends with, really. Someone who shares interests, passions and likes with me. My ideal client is someone who could sit back and trust that they’ll be taken care of. My ideal client perfectly matches everything I am about professionally and personally. How cool is that? How cool is it that I get to have a brand made all for me that matches this portrait to a t? Pretty cool I think.

I think my ideal client would enjoy the above, too. You know, making sure their paper products are styled perfectly. That Beth Kaye and I are such a good team and I adored working with her in June at Dallas and Ashley’s big day. Love you, Beth! If you’d like to read more posts about my rebranding adventure click here and read on. My brand prep book has been officially handed in and my phone calls with Lara and Emily are scheduled for the end of July. More exciting updates to follow soon!

Enjoy your day, blogettes xoxo Photo by the amazing Richelle Hunter who second shot with Beth that day :)