Hey Gorgeous in SMP’s Little Black Book!

If you read my blog pretty frequently, you’ll know that I share my goals every month. Working out more, spending less, being more present; a lot of the monthly goals I post are easy to accomplish and most often are doable if I just get off my butt and put a little effort into things (aka choose the elliptical over the two Krispy Kremes, Rhi). But what I don’t happen to share with you all because it can be a bit scary is that I have another goal list. Chock-full of things I want to do over the next one, five, and ten years. Some are little goals like ‘Make enough money to send Andrew on a surprise trip to Bora Bora’ (ok, maybe that’s a big goal now that I typed it out) and some are even bigger, like ‘Get a real wedding feature in MSW,’ my fave publication. But there’s a ton of in-between goals on that list too. And one of them can get crossed off of the list today. Pop the bubbly? :)

A year and a half ago my very own wedding was up on Style Me Pretty, my business not even yet a year old. I had a limited portfolio, an office that existed on my living room couch but a tenacity to work my butt off and one day, just maybe, I’d be lucky enough to display that badge of honor that comes with being a part of Style Me Pretty’s incredibly awesome Little Black Book. Looks like that day is today! And come to think of it, maybe I can splurge and get that Krispy Kreme to celebrate.

To check out my new shiny listing over on SMP, I’m sitting pretty in Western Michigan’s region right here!

And a giant thank you must go out to the amazing Elizabeth Kaye and Saturday’s sweet bride, Ashley for sending me and giving me permission to use the gorgeous bouquet shot which is currently my listing photo on SMP. Also, can we just make note of how amazingly perfect that bride and groom shot is above? I’m telling you I am just dying to see the rest of the photos from this incredibly sweet celebration! Have a fantastic, Thursday blogettes. Hope you’re able to enjoy that sunshine xoxo