FAQs: Online Consults

Happy Monday, blogettes. Today I have a little secret to swear with you: I have a crush on Skype.

I swear by that application. Mainly because 98% of my clients live far enough away that regular in person meetings are really not feasible, but honestly guys, I can’t believe Skype is still a free service. Knock on wood I hope it stays that way. It’s such an incredible tool to help me successfully communicate with my clients. A couple weeks ago I tweeted about becoming a professional Skyper (total joke there) because in one week alone I had five consults all with different clients. And someone tweeted back that they were curious to hear more about how I handle online consultations and how I find them to be beneficial.

In my opinion a virtual appointment is the closest thing to meeting with someone in person without having to leave your office. You can put a face to a name and a name to a voice, and you can get a good feel for a person’s personality. I often find that my Skype consults whether they’re with a potential client (to get to know me better) or a client I’ve been working with for months (to go in depth over the specifics on something) lets both parties feel more comfortable and relaxed with one another. I also feel like I can build a stronger, more tight knit relationship with my clients when I can periodically check in with them face to face. In addition to being free as I mentioned above, it’s also an incredibly user-friendly application. It’s truly a win-win for all.

Some basic tips to get the most of your online appointments? Make sure you Skype from a location that’s lit with natural light (remember windows behind you give off a solar eclipse vibe) and away from any distractions. Pets, kids, television, the washing machine, open windows with the lawn mower on outside, and a cell phone ringer on high are all things to avoid once that video chat is rolling. Schedule Skype dates when you’re not hungry, have a glass of water nearby and prepare to take notes if needed. Oh, and remember to dress accordingly! Treating an online consultation like an in person consultation allows the session to run as smoothly as possible and allows both parties to truly get the most out of the time being spent together.

This photo above from my most fave photographer Elizabeth Kaye makes me so totally happy to share. Ashley and Dallas were married over the weekend (I shared a teaser over here!) and their big day was such a beautiful celebration. Ashley hired me in January of 2011 and for SEVENTEEN months we planned and dished on details over email, virtual dates and the phone. It wasn’t until the day before the wedding that we were finally able to meet in person; and hug it out :) I think their wedding was the perfect example that online consults when done right can be the perfect way to bring wedding day dreams to life.

Ash, you were absolutely breathtaking as a bride. It was a pleasure to be a part of your gorgeous day xoxo