FAQs: Ask Anything

Up until recently (recently meaning a week ago, ha!) I was a slave to my email inbox. Guys, I can’t even stress this enough but I would spend nights and every single moment of my weekend taming the beast that is my inbox. More times than not I felt like a college student all over again scoping out the 24 hour coffee shops in town and cozying up in a regular spot at Starbucks, my planner and notebook piled beside my laptop, my laptop placed beside my venti latte. “Ma’am, we close in ten minutes just so you know,” I’d always hear from the barista. And so would go the cycle over and over again. It was never ending. I’d not only respond to personal and business emails but I’d take the time to respond to all the in betweens. And I mean ALL of them.

Ninety eight percent of my job revolves around emails. Sometimes in just one day I can get up to 50 emails from my clients alone, some with minor details in them like a bride asking my opinion on a bridesmaid dress cut. Others includes a wealth of information needing my immendiate attention like an important logistical conflict or a vendor cancelling on a client at the last minute. Some emails are about my blog, and then about 10% of emails I receive are personal or non-relating to my clients.

Then there’s the mass amount of emails I get from aspiring planners, which is equally overwhelming and humbling (holy smokes there are a ton of you out there :) I want so badly to respond to everyone but I just can’t. And there’s the emails I get from people wanting to know what color we painted our home. There’s also the emails I get about the burlap runner from this inspiration shoot here (like seven emails a week) and the tons of emails I get about DIY projects. Throw in the facebook and twitter messages I used to feel compelled to respond to and I was honestly getting thrown for a major loop over here.

In order to keep my work days as streamlined and productive as possible (productivity and I are sort of best friends lately) I’ll be blogging about general topics that frequently come up in my email inbox. Since it’s impossible for me to reply to every single inquiry I get regarding the above listed categories, I hope a general response on my blog will eliminate some of the messages I get, and also allow me to feel less guilty if I’m unable to address every message thrown my way. And please do leave a comment below if there’s something you’re dying to know or can’t seem to find on my blog (Assuming you’ve looked already! The majority of the time it’s here if you just look; promise! Just like the color of gray painted in our home :)

Happy Monday, bloggies! xoxo