HGE 2012 Marketing Project

Happy Tuesday, blogettes! Today I can hardly wait to share some fun stuff with you. Since November (yeah seriously, like five months-ago-November) I’ve been working on a little project. I’ve mentioned this a few times in my monthly posts listing out my goals and I’ve truly been dedicating a good chunk of my time (and money) into making this project all I want to be, but at last everything is complete! This endeavor of mine was such a labor of love and something that at times I was wondering what the heck I was doing (mainly those times were I would find pieces of Kraft crinkle paper down my shirt is public places) but just like my business and everything I do surrounding it, every minute of this project was totally worth it. I am so so happy with how things turned out and judging by the feedback I’ve already gotten from recipients, others seem to think so too :)

Essentially, I’m a new girl to the area here and I wanted to share a bit about me and my business with some local vendors who share my style (and some vendors who are not so local but that I’ve always admired). Each and every piece of my package was carefully considered, measured, matched and pieced together to represent my work, services and personality best. I owe one huge giant big ole hug to Ashley from Lemon and Lavender who all the way in Africa helped me design and conceptualize my requests for unique ways to say “Hello!” via snail mail. I love you, Ash! Miss you everyday like whoa. I also need to send a big squeeze to Nicole at the Caramel Jar for her patience with me and talent for making yummy things. You haven’t had a Caramel Jar caramel yet? Oh, I’m sorry. Go here then. I also own a little pinch on the behind to my gal pal Amy Carroll for snapping some fun photos of everything together. Amy’s a doll and I have so many more fun things to share about her!

I have to say these little packages fill my heart with happiness! The most exciting thing though, is that the best is yet to come. I can hardly wait to see how Lara and Emily build off of these materials later this year when I experience this. Enjoy the rest of your day and make it a good one. PS. I started this yesterday and already feel 100072x more productive than ever. Do it. xo