Ash + Dallas {E-session by Elizabeth in Love}

Alright, alright I know what you’re all thinking, guys. “But Rhi, you have such good looking couples!” And although I’m slightly biased like a mother who claims her kids are the cutest, I have to say I do have some pretty phenomenal clients. Ashley and Dallas, whose good looks are among the hundreds of other qualities that make them so sweet, will be getting married in just a few short months this June. Not only will I get to kick off the start of HGE’s 2012 season with these cuties as the main stars, but I get to work alongside one of my fave photographers and one of my best girlfriends, Beth from Elizabeth in Love. Ash and I have been working together on getting all the special details in line for her big day, and all I can do is try my best to contain my excitement. Wedding gods, you are good to me. Too good to me. Enjoy some of Beth and I’s fave shots from the soon to be’s session last fall. Happy Wednesday, blogettes xo

The cutest little front porch that Ash and Dallas call home. I love. You know what else I love? How Ash and I went to the same high school yet we didn’t even know each other. I also love some sweet little tidbits Ash dished to me about Dallas like how they first met and fell in love. But I’ll save those sweet stories for when I share their wedding photos this summer :)

Ashley, you are gorgeous! You are going to take everyone’s breath away in just a few short months.

Dallas you’re looking pretty handsome yourself. I can hardly wait to meet you soon!

Tell me now, which shot is your absolute fave? I think the first photo with the minty blue wall and Ashley looking off to the right makes my day (and would make a totally cute canvas. Obviously.) Many thanks to Beth for sharing the eye candy!