The Design Trifecta

Hi everyone! This is Lisa, posting while Rhi is off in Canada, having a wonderful time, I’m sure! How is everyone’s week going?

Something that I’ve noticed over the last few months is this: good design is good design. I like to think of the design “trifecta” as weddings, fashion, and interior design–oftentimes, a wedding stylist will dress in a way that shows off her wedding aesthetic. A fashion designer will decorate her home with the same colors and shapes that exist in her line. An interior designer will most likely have a swoon-worthy wedding.

With that in mind, I made these three mini wedding inspiration boards–one inspired by my favorite luxury designer, one inspired by my favorite interior design queen, and one inspired by the look I associate with Hey Gorgeous. This was a fun little experiment in seeing how things can be interpreted different ways, and how wedding inspiration can come from anywhere!

Fashion: Chanel

{Pearls, little black dresses, Chanel No. 5, red lipstick}

Interior Design: Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Couture

{Vintage handkerchiefs, muted floral prints, baby’s breath, burlap curtain}

Weddings: Hey Gorgeous Events

{Cake, tablescape, peonies, bow heels}

What do you think–have you ever noticed any design trifecta elements overlap? Do you dress to match your wedding, or decorate to match your sense of style? I’m definitely drawn to things that are classic, sweet, and charming, anything from a delicate Tiffany’s bracelet to French blue gingham curtains, and I’m sure my wedding will reflect that someday too!

Have a lovely week!