Mini Milkshake Shooters

A few weeks ago I was scheming up signature drink ideas for a clients wedding when bam! My ridiculous summer of 2011 ice cream addiction finally came to good use. And I thought to myself, how adorable would Mini Milkshake Shooters be? (Rimmed with semi-sweet chocolate, colourful sprinkles, topped with marshmallows and adorned with a pretty striped straw of course). My sweet partner in crime Jenna and I got right to work, making way too big of a mess and having way too much fun creating these little gems that turned out perfect. Keeping in line with my latest goal of presenting you with content that’s applicable to all areas of life how absolutely sweet would these be at a birthday party for your kids or even a New Year’s Eve party with metallic dragees and a little splash of Kahlua? Pretty sweet, blogettes. Pretty sweet. Enjoy the tastiness! xoxo


• mini parfait or shot glasses
• an ice cream scoop or spoon
• a blender or shake maker
• semi sweet baking chocolate
• sprinkles in desired colour
• optional; striped straws
• waffle or sugar cones

To rim your glasses you’ll need to melt about 2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a double boiler until the chocolate is a liquid (make sure it doesn’t burn and see the photos below!) Once you rim your glasses with the melted chocolate and cover in sprinkles (the same way you would rim a margarita or bloody mary glass) pop them into the freezer for 5-10 minute so the chocolate can harden up. If the chocolate on the rim is too thick it will start to run down the glass and not look so pretty.

Uhm yum. Edy’s you are so so naughty.

Hello marshie fluff! It’s nice to see you. From there you’re ready to make your milkshake. Lemme just point out that we tried to roast the mini marshmallows on the grill as the recipe we found called for toasted marshmallows (see the recipe here via Joy the Baker) but we weren’t very successful. Minis are hard to toast and my patience was running thin that day (hello! I just wanted to drink these things STAT) So we ditched the toasted idea and substituted in marshmallow fluff. Good choice, Rhi.

Once your mini glasses are rimmed, the chocolate has hardened, and the shake blended, get ready to pour! Remember to pour nice and carefully! If your milkshake touches the sprinkles on the rims, the colour will start to run, the milkshake will turn tye dye and the sprinkles will start to lose their colours. Depending on how thick the milkshake is you can use a funnel to get the perfect portion of milkshake into each glass too. But clearly I had no such patience.

Pop in your straws, garnish with some marshies and a piece of waffle cone and ready for some serious awesomeness?

And here’s a pic I took of Jenna holding a little shooter. Funny enough I called Jenna just minutes before she got to my house to tell her I had just gotten my nails done for the shoot. I was so excited to show her my new teal nails and just knew the colour would look super rad in the photos. And then she showed me her nails. And we laughed. And snacked on mini marshmallows together. I’m telling you we have just way too much fun. And we apparently share a brain. Happy Monday loves!

P.S. Pizzazzerie featured our little shoot today! Head over to check it out here. And leave us some love :) xoxo