Keeping Wedding Guests Comfy

Hi y’all! It’s Lisa, here for another Thursday on Hey Gorgeous. :)

We’ve all been there (or we’ve seen someone on TLC’s Four Weddings who has been there :P)—a wedding where you just can’t seem to get comfortable. From a sweltering outdoor wedding to a winter wedding where you can’t even show off your cute cocktail dress under your coat, it’s not all that unusual for a couple to be so busy planning the big day that they forget to make sure their guests are as comfortable in all the elements. Despite some pretty tricky situations a couple may have to navigate in ensuring comfy guests, there are lots of simple and fun solutions. Here are a few common “wedding guest discomforts” and what you can do to deal with them.

Heat: Lots of people dream of summer weddings, but if you live in a super hot place, ideas of outdoor parties can disappear right around the third week in a row of three-digit temperatures.  In these situations, it’s so important to keep guests cool and hydrated. Make sure water is available at all times, including before the ceremony—you don’t want anyone fainting as you say I do! If there isn’t any shade in your location, consider giving our pretty parasols, especially for your older guests. And the easiest way to cool things down? Turn your programs into whimsical fans.

Cold: Whether you’re getting married in the fall where the weather can go either way, or in the middle of January, there are some adorable ways to make sure no one will be left shivering. If you’re having an outdoor event, pass out soft shawls as favors—these also make such cute décor all wrapped up and placed in a basket! Once inside, if your venue has a fireplace, ask to get a fire crackling. And then there’s my personal favorite: a hot chocolate bar, stocked with spices, marshmallows, and chopped up candy bars. Yum!

Bugs: Nothing would be more annoying than swatting away mosquitoes at a wedding. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to schedule your outdoor events at low-insect times (early afternoon in most places). Even then, it would still be nice to have bug spray available, and to light citronella candles all around the space—yes, there are cute ways to do both!

Distance: One of the biggest wedding complaints I’ve heard is lots of time or distance between the ceremony and the reception. Make this easier on your guests by recommending a hotel closer to the reception than the ceremony so they won’t have to drive too far when they’re tired. If you’re having guests take their own cars, give out pretty maps with detailed directions in your invitations or welcome bags (be sure to test the route first!). To really go the extra mile, rent a trolley or bus to take guests between locations, and make a fun playlist to keep their energy up!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



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