DIY Lace-Covered Vases

When I started planning our wedding oh-so many moons ago, one thing that was really important to me, was including elements that I had a hand in creating. I think DIY projects for weddings are a simple way to showcase your creativity, impress your guests and save money (in most cases, not all – believe me some thing are just pricey to make or are worth paying the extra money to have someone do it for you!) And of course if your groom is feeling up to it, DIY projects are a great way to do something wedding-related together.
Since I didn’t want to spend a fortune on florals yet I would like our tablescapes to feel romantic, warm and somewhat lush, I thought lace-covered vases would be the perfect solution. Our table linens will be ivory with a faint damask pattern embossed in the fabric. Our centerpieces will be a cluster of two varrying height vases of pale pink, ivory and light green hued blooms (hydrangeas, spray roses, vandella roses, lisianthus, and what have you).
For supplies, I used 3M Spray Adhesive, scissors, black and ivory lace, slate gray ribbon and a selection of glass vases found at the Dollar Store; yet another fabulous way to cut back costs. Once you measure how much lace you’ll need to go around the vase, you can measure that times the number of vases you’ll wrap. Put aside the precut pieces to be glued.
Vase step by step
For the first vase, Apb and I sprayed the entire outside of the vase in glue and then attached one full length of one end of lace in place. Then as he rotated the vase, I stretched and pulled the lace around, fastening it where the other end started.
Making Vases
I loved how the finished vases looked when I threw in the fresh ivory roses I salvaged from this past weekend’s wedding. Yet, the black was almost too stark for my liking and didn’t quite fit in with my big-day vision. So, as bored as APB must have been – bless his heart – we got creative and did this…
My Happy Groom
and I have to say, I love them! Not only did I love working on these together with Apb (he is so handsome!) but I truly think these vases will look so darling on our tables surrounded by candlelight, tasty food, some great wine and of course our closest friends and family). The spray was $18.00 (the most expensive brand at the store but I wanted a good spray), the lace that covered 90% of the vases was $14.00 from Fabricland, and the vases from the Dollar Store were $2.00 each for 18 vases. Surely not the cheapest DIY project but one that I think, is worth every single penny!