Goal Setting

Goal Setting, Heart to Hearts, Real Wedding Inspiration The Year of Peace

Out of all the times I’ve picked yearly guide words, ‘intentional’ and ‘disciplined‘ are the only two I can remember. I think it’s because with both of those […]

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Business, Goal Setting, The Joyful Conductor Maximizing Your Strengths

. . . instead of focusing on your weaknesses. That was the title I wanted to use here but it was far too long. My long-winded self sometimes […]

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Goal Setting, Pep Talk Tuesdays, The Joyful Conductor The Joyful Conductor of Our Lifegiving Home

One of my 2018 goals, actually the very first and most important one of them all, is to be The Joyful Conductor of Our Unique Lifegiving Home. That’s […]

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