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2020 Third Quarter GoalsAugust 2, 2020

If you’re interested in what went down in January, February, and March you can read this post. If you’re hoping to read more about what happened in April, May and June then that’s over here. And if you’re interested in how I approached setting goals for 2020, that post is over here. Those are going to be helpful to give context to the focus areas I’m planning on for third quarter. Which brings me to today’s post, only a month into third quarter, oops (hey, better late than never!). Let’s dive right in together.

ONE. Become a Family Who Loves Nature & Adventure

I mentioned this in my second quarter goal recap but the gift of summer has made this goal exceptionally easy to work toward. From the water play table and garden hose, to scooter rides, park play dates, and beach weekends, we’ve confidently spent almost all of our day time outside playing this summer!

Some third quarter focus areas: finally finish How to Raise a Wild Child and implement any new ideas to our outdoor play, spend at least one day a week or weekend at Oval Beach until the end of September and swim with Lachlan in the lake, take a picnic to the fort in the forest, photograph the veggie and flower garden in its peak glory and blog a follow up post here with commentary from L, download the Michigan hiking trail app and consider taking a family day hike when the leaves start to change soon (eeek!).

TWO: Fill Our Home With Delight

Phew. We have been busy around here! I’m excited to power on further.

Some tangible third quarter focus areas: 
nail down a date for the backsplash redo (our contractor broke his back right before he was supposed to do our project so that was put on hold last quarter), have a contractor create a quote to possibly move our microwave to make space for a stove hood, have the wallpaper removed in our closet and my old studio light put up in there, research ways to display the pressed flowers saved from our outdoors adventures this year (all ears for suggestions), get Ev’s first preschool artwork framed for the legacy wall, review the project quote for the one part of our yard we’ve never touched.

Some non-tangible third quarter focus areas:
 while we gave up Friday night pizza dinners fresh into second quarter in part to my dedication to the SWEAT program, we have recently started going out for kid-free date night dinners at outdoor restaurants and hope to continue this through third quarter, schedule in unstructured and semi-unsupervised play for the boys each day to help nurture their friendship, commit to eating breakfast five out of seven mornings of the week together at the table without any technology in the way, start encouraging Lachlan to lead our pre-meal prayer even if it’s uncomfortable for him and very imperfect in delivery.

THREE. Redesign My Schedule, and With It, How I Spend My Time

While second quarter was not a great time to nurture early bedtimes and early mornings, it WAS a time that reaffirmed our choice to keep our children home from structured care for the summer, while also considering if this is a long-term decision for us. We are getting closer to making our final decision for the fall, which is great, but this means this specific goal area is going to be even more of an always-evolving moving target.

Some tangible third quarter focus areas: on our next date night nail down a realistic fourth quarter work schedule for me, consider a realistic ‘computer time’ schedule for the remainder of third quarter (e.g. mornings, after bedtime, weekends, other), spend three nap-times worth of time during the week to getting holiday soap launch details in place so I can begin production in September, transition back into more responsible phone usage during the day to ensure the boys see more of me and less of me with my phone, and finally, I’d like to find small ways to slip back into a more structured schedule before September hits without losing the magic of summer; this includes things like laying out clothes ahead of each day, incorporating some educational activities into our morning, and a slightly earlier wake up time during weekdays to use my fringe hours wisely.

FOUR: Become a Fiercer Version of Myself

This is another area that has felt like it’s coming along beautifully!

Some tangible third quarter focus areas: start and finish BBG 2.0, research and start doing press handstand specific exercises, work my way up to 45/15 second HIIT cardio (I’m currently at 30/30 intervals), debut my new nose ring, get fitted for running shoes to upgrade from the eight-year-old scuzzy pairs I currently use, push past the fear of failure and finally launch my floral design course to the world, continue building relationships with new friends and inspiring my children to do the same (a vague goal, I know, but it’s fierce).

And there we are! I’m already enjoying the flow of third quarter after the momentum of the first half of 2020. While it’s been a year of massive lows and disappointments so far, it’s also been a time to embrace new things in a way that I maybe wouldn’t have if different circumstances. I’d love to hear more about your goals and visions below. Tell me how your goals are progressing so far this year! Xo



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