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March 2019 GoalsMarch 6, 2019

I’ve been holding off on sharing this post because my January and February goals stayed only within the pages of my PowerSheets. The perfectionist in me hates not having a full year streak of goals, one of the reasons I’ve never really stuck with consistent goal posts here. But, and this is a big honest but, I’m working on being messy and doing things even if they aren’t perfect or consistent. I’m also learning that even the smallest amount of accountability is REALLY motivating for me so I know sharing here will be powerful.

Here are some things I accomplished in February (the month that felt only 5 minutes long):

• Celebrated 10 years of blogging with a giveaway and special post (done)
• Hosted a pop up shop at Rowster Coffee with Betsi and her business (done)
• Executed a successful floral mock up with Elizabeth and Luke (done)
• Sent my favorite soap bars to Jamie at Marigold & Grey (done)
• Cleaned out our guest room and Everett’s nursery closet(s) (done!)
• Loved my boys well as we sweetly celebrated Valentine’s Day (done)
• Invested in myself with a manicure, pedicure, and hair cut (done)
• Returned to the chiropractor to manage back and neck pain (done)

And you’ll find my March goals below. A few of them have been completed already but I am including them here to be thorough (and to give myself a virtual pat on the back, if we’re being honest with one another). Looking at what I accomplished in February, I am hopeful about the rest of March and the goodness to come as we inch closer and closer to longer days, milder weather, and focused time in the studio as Ev transitions to school part time.

• Email Melanie about potential new dates for marital counselling
• Have a successful showing at the Venue3Two Bridal Bazaar (done)
• Have a successful transition to school for both Ev and myself (done)
• Blog at least one post a week with intentionality and heart!
• Make necessary updates to Lachlan and Ev’s baby books
• Secure my Shopify account and have call with Maghon
• Host an IG flash sale with any clothing that no longer fits
• Mail Merry March cards and trust they brighten spirits! (done)
• Go on two kid-free midday lunch dates with my husband
• Enjoy and savor the IF:Gathering weekend at a friend’s church
• Take the remainder of the month completely off of Instagram

Here are my weekly goals for March:

1. Enjoy at least two efficient workouts at the YMCA
2. Have focused Tuesdays and Fridays with the boys
3. Dedicate one morning or evening to soap-making
4. Manage our grocery bill and meal plan intentionally

If you blog about your goals share them below! I’d love to encourage you.

Happy March! We are almost there, Michigan friends. Xo



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