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The Year of DisclipinedJanuary 4, 2018

My 2018 word is disciplined. Not discipline but DISCIPLINED. That letter ‘d’ on the end means everything!

For the last few years I’ve picked words like, ‘joyful,’ ‘content,’ and ‘fearless,’ to be my overarching goal guide for each twelve month period. Those words have inspired so many different chapters in my life. They have inspired hard decisions, adventure, business growth, and most importantly, strong foundations in my marriage, home, and journey in motherhood. I know goal setting and picking a word for the year aren’t a priority for everyone but for me it’s been a helpful exercise to live out my best possible life.

My word for this year is disciplined. All of my 2018 goals will require me to be disciplined.

In order to meet my goals this year, being disciplined in 2018 means:

• Saying no to excessive travel commitments, events and meetings that clash into sacred holiday time and special family days and traditions like Fridays with Lachlan, or opportunities that otherwise aren’t the right fit for me in this season. This means making smart decisions so that every ‘no’ I make leaves room for the right, ‘yes’. Saying, ‘no’ is hard when many things present themselves as exciting or beneficial to personal and professional growth but discipline is having the wisdom to make the best choice for the best life I am envisioning for myself and my family.

• Continuing to be a smart steward of my health and the lifestyle choices I make. This means discipline at the grocery store, out at restaurants in social or work focused situations, and managing my emotions in a healthy way. This also means moving my body, getting enough rest, and treating my entire being as delicately as possible. I believe health and wellness is something we’re always actively pursuing versus a destination we simply arrive at and for that reason I will need to be disciplined to make the right choices for my best health and wellness.

• Striving to live a free and present life. I’ve always had this as some sort of goal on my list in past years but this was the first year where I made it a standalone goal; To Live a Present & Free Lifestyle. This includes finding new strategies for any social media or business tools I use so that they do not control my life. This also includes better boundaries with my work so that my personal life can flourish. But more importantly, and where my word of the year comes in, this means being disciplined enough to follow the new rules and respect set boundaries. Rules and boundaries don’t mean much unless they are enforced.

• Following through on projects and goals I’ve had on my heart for many years. Ones that have been put on the back burner out of fear, inadequacy, perceived lack of resources, sickness etc. While 2017 was full of change and heartache, it was also full of a lot of hard work and setting the groundwork for some of these projects and goals to come to life in 2018 and beyond (and sometimes the hard work doesn’t look like much on the surface which may be why 2017 felt so LONG and fruitless). But this year I want to be disciplined to finish what I’ve started, share my projects with the world, and in the process completely change the trajectory of my business and life.

• Doing the uncomfortable and sitting with it. This sort of umbrellas under all the above mentioned but this means fruitful conversations at night with my husband instead of mindless scrolling until he falls asleep. This means continuing to invest my my friendships with others through coffee dates, dinners out, and game nights even when building new friendships can be awkward or investing in old ones feels pointless (it’s not). Discipline is committing to one laundry load a day, making the bed in the morning, and carving out time to meal plan even when it’s easy to plop down on the couch because these things contribute to my role as The Joyful Conductor of Our Lifegiving Home. It means DOING instead of thinking about doing. It’s action.

. . .

I realize a lot of these ‘goals’ seem vague and broad but within each above stanza are specific and measurable goals I’ve set forth for the year. I’d love to hold them closer to my heart for a little bit longer before sharing them here with you but if you caught yesterday’s newsletter I shared more there too.

Do you goal set? If you have set goals for 2018 link to them below! I’d love to hear what you’re up to this year!




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