3 Ways Our Planning Services Are Worth Every PennyNovember 15, 2017

You’re engaged! Congratulations! And I suppose you’re thinking, ‘Now what?’

At Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations we believe wedding planning should be a seamless, enjoyable, and personalized process. While the planning process has many layers, check lists, and in some circumstances, added stress and financial responsibility, our mission and services help take the guesswork out of the many moving pieces. Imagine being able to plan and enjoy your wedding without feeling like you’re losing your sanity or your grip on reality! That’s where we come in. And that’s how I can answer my above question on what exactly comes next for you.

Once you’ve said ‘yes’ to your beau and started to think more intentionally about your celebration, research and invest in a wedding planner you love, trust, and admire. And I say ‘invest’ because a skilled and reputable planner will absolutely come with a cost but I assure you, will be worth every last penny. Here are three key ways a wedding planning team like ours holds tremendous value for any couple beginning their planning process.


When it comes to having someone to turn to or receive guidance from, we’re always there.

With most organized events, or experiences resulting in some sort of end product, there’s usually a person in charge. Whether it’s a captain, leader, point of contact, higher up, or boss, typically someone is delegated to be in charge of an event and the associated process, and for good reason. Said person helps keep the rest of the involved team on track. This person helps guide everyone along, can be a middleman with decision making or even in conflict, and is extremely helpful with providing accountability to all involved parties and especially so with the client. While a wedding planner does so much for their client throughout the planning process and during the wedding itself, for us our highest value is the peace of mind and accountability we provide to our clients AND the countless other professionals, family members, and even friends involved in the process. We make sense of an otherwise foreign and potentially chaotic process, and ensure the blueprint of each event is a sound foundation for a flawless celebration.


We anticipate needs and troubleshoot problems before they well, become problems.

It takes a skilled planning team to be able to think quickly and move swiftly enough to fix a problem before it becomes noticeable but time and time again we find ourselves always going above and beyond to keep everything as close as possible to perfect for our couples. Whether we are noticing a candle too close to a centerpiece or a table number, watching a tipsy guest at the bar fidget with their car keys. or reading a guest’s face of discomfort and being able to catch them in the hallway to offer them an Advil for their headache, we are always our clients’ and even their guests’ eyes and ears from the start to the end of a wedding. Consider us your safety net in every way possible.


Weddings are incredibly emotional experiences and we understand this more than anyone else involved.

We consider this in every opinion we share, decision we help our clients make, and move we execute. We constantly do a delicate dance between providing personal opinion and support (we want to let you know how gorgeous or handsome you look on your wedding day because you truly do!) and professional service and time (we are sticklers about our clients inviting more than their venue can hold because we need to respect fire codes and laws!). While we are here to first and foremost professionally serve you every step of the way in planning your event, my team and I do so with a softness and approachability that allows you to feel comforted, cared for, and at ease. We believe wedding planning is a fun and exciting process so we practice what we preach as much as possible.

If you’re newly engaged or in the process of planning your wedding, we’d love to be of assistance to you. Our newly updated website contains so much helpful information on both what we do and the work we’ve done in the past, and I invite you to come see what we are about. If you’re interested in setting up a complimentary consultation please do so here. We’d love to see if we’re just the planning and design team right for you!

Photos by Samantha James Photography


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