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Confessions of a Rebrand

Happy Tuesday, guys! It’s been a while since I blogged a rebrand post but I promise today’s a good one. See, this rebrand has brought so many unexpected and incredible things my way and it’s been such a blessing getting to document it all here. The constant soul searching has been especially beneficial for my confidence and for that I feel nothing but gratitude. When you’re a business owner, regardless of what you’re selling or trying to accomplish, it’s so easy to believe in your own ideas and to essentially and internally believe in what you’re capable of. We all have that inner cheerleader tirelessly rah rah-ing her pompoms in our favor because on the inside there’s nothing holding us back. No one telling us ‘no.’ The issue often ends up being able to convince everyone else that you can do it. And you can do it really well. Throughout this journey I’ve loved not only sitting at the drawing board to create the most perfect representation of me, Hey Gorgeous and everything we’re about, but I’ve loved discovering that missing sense of confidence that I feel is so crucial in helping me make my goals my reality.

I’ve never officially announced this, and for the majority this is old news, but with the relaunch will come an official new offering at HGE. In addition to my current partial and full service planning, and full wedding styling services I’ll be offering in house floral design. Flowers are such an integral part of any event design and including this as an extension to my exsiting levels of services was such a natural and desirable transition to make. Guys, I just typed all of that to you. I’ve been waiting over a year to actually type those words. I’ve been working like a flower obsessed crazy woman, making sure this is IT. And between you and I, let me tell you this, I could not be more excited about 2013. Talking flowers with clients, incorporating blooms into tablescape designs, and using fresh foilage to bring together a vision for a client, makes me so incredibly happy. Life’s too short to be anything but right? Right. Flower design? Yes. Planning? Yes. Decor? Yes. Ice cream? Always.

Five weeks guys. Just five weeks to go until the new Hey Gorgeous goes live. If I can be honest for a second here, which come on, when am I not honest with you all, I’d tell you I could hardly sit still waiting for December 18th to finally roll around. It’s going to be really nice. Really exciting, lovely, special, and nice. ‘Nice’ feels just right. And I cannot wait to share it all with you! In the meantime here’s a little bit of gorgeousness going into the floral gallery on the new website. I loved this bouquet which was a mock up for a client and just adored the way it looked on that blue chair. Leah Mullett took these gorgeous photos and I am so grateful for her talented eye and supportive friendship. Go check out her blog now would you?

In the meantime I’ll be over here building a design proposal based around unicorns. Seriously. Ah-mazing xoxo